Are you looking to create a more natural, healthier, and aesthetically pleasing landscape on your property with the use of landscape supply near me? You need Greenscape USA Inc to turn your dream of having beautiful, healthy landscaping into a reality. We will help you achieve this by creating a well-thought-out plan, a commitment to excellent work, some creativity, and a carefully chosen range of greenery. We know that plans, plants, and hard work alone are not enough. Before the planting begins, we determine what landscape supplies and other hardscape materials you need to complement your greenery.

Greenscape USA Inc is a Northeast Ohio landscaping company that specializes in construction, design, maintenance, and more. We offer full landscape project management for both residential and commercial jobs. With us, no job is too small or too big. We handle every project with the most expertise and precision.

Greenscape USA Inc Supplies That Can Enhance Your Space

Decorative boulders

One example of a landscape supply near me that you can use is natural stone that comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Outfitting your garden and entry areas or lining your walking paths with assorted boulders will beautify and shape the landscape. Also, carefully arranged boulder towers can make excellent centerpieces in both the front and back yard.

Bricks and pavers

When using stone pavers, you can create incredibly beautiful and highly durable patios and walkways. When installed properly, with Greenscape USA Inc, these landscape supplies will support one another and can resist damage. Also, the pattern possibilities that this landscape supply near me can provide are endless.

Pebble stones

Probably, the smallest landscape supply you can buy is the pebble stone. Pebble stones are also among the most attractive and the smoothest. Our landscapers can help you select pebbles varying from black, blue, white, red, or any color you want to use in your theme. Pebbles that surround the stepping stones or cover the ground along the foundation of your home or pool can create a pleasant and strong visual appeal.

Gravel and sand

Gravel is typically used for surrounding plants and creating paths. While sandboxes are a common usage of sand, there are other important ways to use it. To make sure your property drains properly, Greenscape USA Inc landscapers can install such fittings and pipes and cover them in sand-infused gravel, overlaying it with topsoil.

Multiple mulches

Mulch is an ideal landscape supply near me if you want your flowers, shrubs, and trees to retain moisture better after watering them. It is also beneficial for vegetation and plant life. There are a wide variety of mulches to choose from, such as treated redwood sawdust, fiber playground, gorilla hair, golden nuggets, etc.

The advantage of hiring Greenscape USA Inc for your landscaping needs is that we can give you expert advice from experience. Our expertise is built on over a decade of commitment and hard work, enabling us to deliver the best landscape design for you. We value customer satisfaction immensely. This means we are willing to go the extra mile to make sure our clients are impressed and satisfied with our work.

What Greenscape USA Inc Does Best

Our Commitment

We are one of the best landscaping companies in Northeast Ohio because we have the best specialist teams. Our experienced landscapers consider your vision and work hard to go above your standards. Greenscape USA Inc is driven by innovative management and smart governance with dedicated landscapers who deliver the landscaping services you need.

Sustainable Landscaping

Greenscape USA Inc highly regards the transformative impact of sustainability in any landscape. We are incorporating different innovative methods, like upcycling, recycling, and repurposing various landscape materials such as plants, sandstone, mulch, turf, etc. We use the process of transplanting to reuse plants and use gray water for lawn and garden irrigation. We repurpose concrete, brick, and sandstone for substrate and retaining walls.

Staff Performance

Our people are focused on your well-being. We are ready to go and work in alignment with your personal expectations, goals, and standards for your landscape. We take ownership of your property and assets, striving to deliver stellar results. With great customer service and open communication, we guarantee you will take pleasure in working with us.

Environmental Responsibility

Homeowners and businesses have a responsibility to protect the environment. At Greenscape USA Inc, we take environmental responsibility quite seriously. We are continuously looking for new ways to minimize our impact on the environment. Your landscape will benefit from our principles of unceasing innovation and improvement. Our landscaping specialists are committed to developing working practices and management systems that preserve resources and reduce the negative environmental effect of our projects.

Quality Assurance

e make extra effort to give the best services and high-quality results that our clients will love. For Greenscape USA Inc, we understand that quality assurance refers to applying our expertise for the successful delivery of services. We apply transparency and document every stage of the project; hence, no surprises for you. Also, it means our landscaping professionals are personally responsible for the improvement and quality of our work. They are confident in delivering the desired results, ensuring each crew member understands their responsibilities individually, and as a team.

Commitment to Safety

When it comes to the health and safety of everyone on-site, we don’t skip any steps. The safety of our clients, the surrounding properties, and our landscapers are a high priority. The reputation of our landscaping company depends on it. Our safety and risk management system safeguards our landscaping operations, as well as gives you peace of mind.

Greenscape USA Inc listens to our clients’ vision and delivers a customized service that meets and exceeds expectations. We provide a range of services, including:

  • Landscaping
  • Grounds Management
  • Concrete
  • Waterproofing
  • Bulk Landscape Supply
  • Snow & Ice Removal

Visit our website, contact us, tell us about your landscaping project, and get a quote. We look forward to making your dream of having a perfect outdoor living space come true.

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